Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today was a nice, normal Easter. I mean normal in a very good way. Having grown up in a somewhat big family, I love holidays with lots of people, kiddos included. We only had a few kiddos but we did have us, Megan and her boyfriend (Ryan), Nancy and Jack, Sam, Jen and the kids and Jen's parents. And of course the puppies. It was a nice full house with plenty going on and a slew of potluck plates, just like a good holiday should be.

This is one of the places where Ross and I differ. He prefers small holidays. It's all he really knows which I am sure is why I prefer big family holidays. But since his family has grown in the past five years and since he became a part of my family (even if not officially yet) he's been getting his share of big family holidays. I love them; he's warming to them.

When I first discovered that he was not all about the huge family holiday I thought he was a wierdo. Well I have since learned that there's a whole world of people out there who prefer small family holidays. I guess my honey isn't quite the freak I thought he was. :)

Anyway, a long rambling blog later, we had a great family Easter and I'm so glad. It felt so homey and I love that.

In other news, tomorrow is Ross' 28th birthday! To celebrate he is throwing back a few beers and playing video games with Rick at the moment. When you have a Monday birthday that follows Easter Sunday, a few beers and video games is about all you get. Especially when you have to volunteer firefight the night of your birthday and go to firefighter testing the Saturday after your birthday.

And in still other news, Lexi had her first puppy school class yesterday. She did pretty well and we are already working on our homework.

And one last piece, tomorrow I am getting a new phone number and new phone. I've had my same Houston phone number for more than eight years. Getting rid of it is a pretty significant milestone. Some people say "well it makes sense for you to have an Austin number" and others say "Why? Everyone calls from cell phones anyway." Maybe I'm getting slightly ahead of myself but I want a local number for when we have kids. If I'm getting a new plan and a new phone now, might as well do the number too. And for work I think having a local number will make my life easier. So if you need to call me after tomorrow, feel free to call the Houston number but just know all you are getting is a voicemail that directs you to a new Austin number. Here's to 512!

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