Apr 18, 2009

Popular Towns

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Why this pic you say? Because he's cute and I like this pic for some reason.

I'm up super early because Ross is up in Waco testing for their fire department. I tried to fall back asleep but no dice. And because I am up super early, I'm watching Good Morning America Weekend Edition before starting on editing Possibilities. (Part of why I couldn't sleep again was the to-do list: editing, bank, puppy school, grocery store, gym, laundry...) The first three stories I saw in GMA were in Boston, Brenham and Austin. Now I realize I haven't actually lived in Brenham but I drive through it every time I go to Houston and its part of our Girl Scout council so I think I can claim it. Either way, my little hometowns got a lot of air time today.

In other news, we did birthdays at his parents' house yesterday. I must say, we've both made out like bandits this birthday. My parents got us a very very nice LLBean luggage set which I will promptly be using for my trip to DC on Friday (FRIDAY! AS IN 6 DAYS!). I got Ross a mini ticket package for baseball games this summer. Three Round Rock Express games and one Astros-Cubs game in Houston. He of course got me the beloved iPhone. His mom and Jack got him a beverage carbonator which may sound strange but if you saw how much carbonated water I purchase, you would get it. Gramma is paying to renew his passport so we can go to the Bahamas for our honeymoon and Megan chipped in for the fishing boat repairs he wants to make this summer. Jack, Nancy and Gramma pooled their resources to give me four months of ShoeDazzle-a shoe of the month club started by Kim Kardashian. Let me tell you, I'm excited. As Ross described it, this is something I would get myself if funds were unlimited but nothing I would dream of paying for now. That said, four months of fancy shoes delivered directly to my door is a little slice of heaven. And Megan came through on the iPhone with an iTunes gift card for app downloads.

Like I've told Mom and Ross this week, its been really fun to get spoiled like this together. We're finally in those double income no kids years and can have birthdays where we don't need to ask for HEB giftcards or rental deposits. What a nice change!

I know the best things in life are free (the love of my honey, puppy kisses, time with Grandma, best friends) but I have to say, the second best things in life look to have come for our birthdays this year.

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