Apr 8, 2009

Calling all nonprofit lovers

I know you are out there. You are do-gooders. You give your time and your money to the finer things in life and I don't mean escargot. You are the person who will walk around a track for 12 hours just because you said you would even though the ACS already has your money anyways. You cheer on Jerry Lewis during his telethon. You run the Boston Marathon for charity even though you can barely chug through 2.6 miles let alone 26. You work more time for free each month than you do for pay (or at least it feels that way).

Well do-gooder, I'm calling on you, especially if you live in Austin. And this blog is a shameless ploy for that call.

On May 20 the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Austin (YNPN Austin) is hosting the Do Gooder Games, a fun trivia night that doubles as a fundraiser for YNPN Austin. Thirteen teams of five will compete in wicked fun trivia/physical contests and the winner will receive $500 for the charity of their choice. The remainder of the funds raised will go to support YNPN Austin programming that helps local nonprofiteers be the best they can be and therefore makes Austin a stronger more rockin' place to live. What's not to like about that?

Now that you know the scoop, I'm tellin ya, it's high time you got involved. Whether cancer, education, health, leadership, homelessness, hunger or any other cause is your cause, this event is for you. Think about it - you are making the do gooders do better-ers.

Start a team (5 people per team) or become a sponsor. Either way, you are part of a wicked good thing and are making a difference while drinking a beer and playing trivia.

Team registration is going on now at www.ynpn.org/austin and sponsorships range from $50-$500 and include a slew of benefits. I can tell you all about the cool benefits. Just give me a buzz or leave a comment here.

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