Apr 13, 2010

Birthday-ous Carnivorous

ross_bryRoss' birthday is today! 29 for the first time! Yay Ross! Happy Birthday!

For our 29th and 25th birthdays respectively, Ross and I are becoming carnivores. We are going to pull the anti-Oprah and keep the meat industry, especially the beef industry, in business. In very lucrative business.

Friday we had the impromptu BBQ at the house which resulted in pounds of ground venison being left in our fridge as a gift. (ie John has done too much hunting and Erin said get this stuff outta my fridge. At least that's my hypothesis. Whatever the reason, it's here and it's delicious.) Sunday we went out for BBQ. LOTS and LOTS of BBQ. Like left over brisket in the fridge. Sunday I also decided we needed to try turkey stuffed bell peppers and mahi mahi this week so we have all that meat. Today my parents' birthday gift to Ross arrived: Omaha steaks. Lots of wonderful beef in the form of steaks, burgers and more. Never have I received a cubic yard of meat in the mail before. But I would be totally willing to do so again.

Now let's get one thing clear: these are not complaints. Like cute shoes...especially three-inch peep-toe heels, there is no such thing as too much good meat in a person's home. In fact, you might say we are in carnivore heaven.

If you'd like to join us for dinner, come on over. We'll supply the protein. Could you consider something green as your contribution?

Restuarant Review Cliff Notes

I've slacked off the restaurant review element of my blog. This does not bode well for my future as a food critic. But here's the cliff notes for the few places I've tried lately.
  • Trulucks: Delicious Italian dish that I cannot pronounce with seven types of seafood in a thin tomato based sauce. Yummy looking and according to Ross equally tasty jalepeno salmon. Great atmosphere. Fun to dress up for. Looking forward to birthday happy hour there in a couple weeks. (One flaw: not enough lobster in the lobster bisque. But unless there's a whole lobster tail in there, would I ever really identify it as having enough?)
  • Salt Lick: Great low key sittin' in a better verison of my own yard atmosphere. Good sturdy picnic table style eatin'. Moist delicious meat and sauce so good we actually bought $30 worth to bring home. Almost as good as the food: that it is BYOB and with no corking fee.
  • Tequila Grill: Does not serve tequila. False advertising. Did not work out for our happy hour attempt a few weeks ago. FAIL.
Whew, this hubby-at-the-fire-station plus all-the-deltas-blogging situation has really inspired my inner writer lately. But no more for tonight. Sleepy time!

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