Apr 28, 2010

Seattle and the Junior League

loweC_1038Yay Val! Big congrats to Val! She's decided what to do with her life - or at least, the next three years of it. I say that like she's some kinda slacker as opposed to the massive over-achiever she really is. She may already have a master's but this fall she's starting at the University of Washington for law school.

The significance of this is really that now I am going to Seattle in 2011. Woohoo! (Right yeah, like that's the only significance. I suppose Val getting yet another degree and becoming the most employable person I know might be significant too. I kid you not, that girl can do ANYTHING.)

Another thing that I'm looking at for 2011 is the Junior League. While I'm not looking to join until maybe next year, would you believe that I could already be behind the curve? And I'm a planner to the nth degree! I hear that you must know a member for a year (or something crazy) before they can recommend you for the group. I don't know any Junior Leaguers and 2011 is only 7 months away. My mother-in-law however knows the whole world. I've put her on the case. My guess is that by lunch tomorrow I'll know a Junior Leaguer.

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