Apr 20, 2010

Third time's a charm

You know you are a huge communications dork when you write two blog entries, just to, at the very end, delete them. Yes y'all this is my THIRD attempt at a blog entry tonight. How ridic is that? This time, what you see is what you get.

In essence, I've been writing about all the cute little babies coming into the world brand spankin' new this year. I'll be totally honest - I am loving all of y'all having these cute bundles of joy but at the same time, remember total honesty here, it kinda freaks me out.

Clearly because it freaks me out a little, Ross and I are no where near ready to have kids. Like light years away.

At the risk of sound 40-50 years older than I am, I'll say it - where did the years go!?

S8000858.JPGI swear to you, it was just yesterday that my friends and I were partying college kids celebrating Marathon Monday. I think back on that amazing, ragtag group and laugh "no way any of them are ready to be parents!"

But alas, totally wrong. Amanda is due in June and is going to be the best mommy. The total best. Like a rockstar of a mommy. In fact, she could not be more ready to be a mom. And I cannot wait to meet little baby girl or baby boy Renaud.

And with my 25th birthday pending this weekend, I must admit, I really am a grown up. For real. Husband, house, career, health insurance, retirement plan. Equi-distance between 20 and 30. A real live grown up.

When did that happen!?

It reminds of when Mom was going back to school for her masters and said "When I grow up I want to be..." Back then I thought she was nuts. When she grew up? Hello! She was already grown up! Kids, husband, house, career. I probably rolled my eyes, super mature teen I was. But now in some wierd way, I feel like I'm wearing the same style shoe. "When I grow up I want to be a mom."

It makes me laugh. When I told Mom that being old enough to have babies kinda freaked me out, I actually heard her roll her eyes over the phone. I seriously think she told me to get over it. My own mother! But now I think back to my eye rolling about her "when I grow up..." statements. HAHA - I guess I really am my mother's child!

PS Why doesn't blogger have smiley faces I can insert? I really needed the winking one.

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