Feb 9, 2011

Best. Lobster. Ravioli.

In Boston, my fav restaurant was/is the Altantic Fish Company. They put lobster in everything, most wonderfully surprisingly the ravioli and mashed potatoes.

Tonight at my TriDelta reunion dinner (where I failed to take a single picture) at Maria Pia, lobster ravioli was on the menu. Obviously, I had to have it.

Oh. My. God. It was the best, most lobster-y ravioli I have ever had. I believe it was only about 5 pieces of ravioli but they were large and each one was jam packed with lobster.

Usually things made with lobster, in my experience, are mostly everything else and very light on the lobster. Not these bad boys. You could tasted every ounce of lobster and it was amazing. It was honestly better than any lobster ravioli I ever had in Boston (or anywhere else).

In addition to fantastic lobster, I had lovely company at dinner. I saw Erin who was TriDelta president when I rushed, Suzie who was one year ahead of me and Kristin who is/was among the members of my pledge class who I was attached to the hip with throughout college, most especially senior year.

They are super fun ladies and it's so very interesting to hear the direction life has taken all of us, yet to still be able to have such an easy, comfortable dinner together, almost like we never left college. Erin works for the NY Post and is getting married this summer. Suzie is a fancy fancy corporate lawyer in Manhattan. Kristin is a physician's assistant in Jersey. And of course, you know my married-in-Austin-nonprofiteer-at-heart story.

A great last night in the Big Apple. I've learned so much at my workshops and am looking forward to getting back to Austin and implementing it all at work. Oh yes, and I'm looking forward to getting home to my hunky hubby and perfect pup. They are totally the best.

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