Feb 1, 2011

Fiery Red

At work recently I did a personality test. It was really hard. For each question there were four pairs of words, you had to rank the pairs as most like you, least like you and in the middle on a scale of one to five.

Anyways, today we got back the results and I am Fiery Red. As is probably no surprise to any of you, this means I'm results-driven, possibly a little controlling, task-oriented and fast-paced. My motto, according to the test, is "Do it now."

The results were frighteningly and brutally accurate, from my strengths to my weaknesses, especially the ones I know I have and am frustrated that I have. (I mean nobody wants to admit being a bad listener right? But I probably talk too much to qualify as a good listener.)

The funniest part was in the "weaknesses" category it literally said...are you ready?

It said should not go into china stores.

Uh hello, random. But agreed, I'm sure I'd break everything in sight.

Now back to the "Do it now" motto. I knew it was true from the get-go but just now Ross and I had a classic example of it.

The ceiling light in my room isn't working. We thought it was just the bulb but that doesn't appear to be it. It's been out for a few days and with the short winter days and lack of natural light, it's driving me crazy. I come home from the gym tonight and tell Ross my plan of action (which includes an upgrade to the lighting and thus, $$). He asks questions. I answer questions. He explains that X part of my plan isn't optimal. We go round and round and round. We're both getting a little frustrated at this point. Ross says let's deal with it later. I say "no, now."

Hello, my name is Cheryl but you can just call me Impatient.

I have to admit, it was the classic example. I hate putting off decisions. It just means I have to think about them again later. They loom over me. Ross is not this way. I work through a decision quickly and vocally. He works through decisions a little slower (as in he prefers more than two minutes) and mulls over the options in his head. I suppose they both have their benefits and drawbacks. I get things done but I don't always take the time to think through everything, even on simple things. Ross thinks through all the options but incurs decision-making jet lag.

I mostly enjoyed the personality test we did at work and have to laugh at its amazing accuracy. I wish we had access to it for Ross. I'd like to see where on the color wheel he is in relation to my Fiery Red. And if he's allowed to go into china stores.

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