Feb 20, 2011

Feels Like April

I'm 100% certain it is February. All the signs are there. Valentine's Day last Monday, Emal & Brenda's birthdays on Friday (happy birthday y'all!) and a calendar that abruptly ends on the 28th. It must be February.

But it feels like April...minus all the excessive birthday cake. It has been in the 70s all week in Austin. If I heard right, Wichita Falls (north of Big D) actually set a heat record for this time of year with a glorious 84.

With the lovely weather, I've been walking Lexi lots and opening every window I can find. In a nutshell, our lives have been colored warm and spring-like.

Friday Nichole, Brittany and our new friend Kendra came over for a girls' night of wine and munchies. Kendra is a coworker of Amanda's Aunt Pam up in Boston and she recently relocated to Austin to take a different position. So now she's here and our friend; it's great! Anyways, they came over and let's just say it was an extended night. I believe I'm finding that to be the key in making my 2 day weekend feel sufficient: stay up so late Friday that it feels like a weekend day in its own right. Done.

Saturday I did some outlet mall shopping where I rescued a box of Girl Scout Cookies from a Brownie troop. All part of the no cookie left behind policy here at Team Black. Then I went on a long Lexi walk and read outside on the porch in the sunshine (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). We ended the night at Erin and Jon's with venison burgers -omg delicious- and baby-palooza consisting of a 6 year old, 1 year old, 3 month old and Lexi. All 4 were carried around like babies for a large portion of the evening...despite that only two are the appropriate age/species for such.

Being able to grill burgers outside in February while drinking margaritas and only needing a light sweater when the wind picks up is excellent. And is exactly what I had in mind for living in Texas.

Happy oddly-warm-February to ya!

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