Feb 4, 2011

Snow: My Savior

Yesterday I had a pretty good day. After work, I ran to do some quick Target shopping. On the way home from that, I was talking to my hubby about our Friday night plans when he said nothing too crazy, he had that thing all day Saturday. I laughed and told him that thing, as in baby Blake's first birthday party, didn't start until 3 p.m.

BAM - he did not mean the baby's birthday. He meant another day of umpire training. All day.

First, I was bummed because I had just bought the baby's present and was now going to go to the party alone. Total suck. Then I was double bummed because he works Sunday and I leave for NYC on Monday. And then I was down-in-the-dumps, grouchy, triple quadruple times a million bummed because I realized how long it would be until we were both home again.

14 days.

That's right, we were looking down the tunnel of 14 days without one of being in the same place and awake for more than 4 straight hours. DEPRESSING. So much so that I poured a glass of wine and called my girlfriends. Lucky for me when I talked to Nichole she was at my exit so came over to share the wine and whine.

Fast forward to 7 a.m.

Coming in from a run in the snowy yard
SNOW. Glorious glorious snow. And glorious email from HR saying the office won't open until 10. Followed by even more glorious emails from my whole team declaring it a work from home day. We're all good Texans and know we don't know how to drive in snow. No reason to risk lives.

Hubby gets home and says its a darn good thing that everyone declared a work from home day because he sees scary accidents and loves me and I wasn't leaving the house today to drive no matter what anyone said. So there.

I can't tell you how happy this all made me. Yes, I worked for the vast majority of the day (confession to coworkers: I did take a kinda lengthy lunch that included a shower and cooking of actual food, and I might still be wearing PJs [yes I put them back on after my shower; I saw no reason not to]) but it was so nice that even if I was working, hubby was just in the other room. We had lunch together and all my water breaks included a smooch.

It's been exactly the break in the long stretch of conflicting work schedules that I needed. I'm so thankful for my reasonable and flexible job....and for snow.

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