Feb 28, 2011

March's Single Solitary Goal

I got lazy in February and didn't set a single goal for myself. Not one.

That's why when I was showering this morning and determining my March goal I thought I should take this last day of February as pre-season and practice reaching my March goal.

My March goal is to eat and be healthy.

Generally speaking, I do OK on this but it probably wouldn't kill me to cut out the mid-week glass of wine, or chips and queso or the late-night Saturday nacho snack. So that's what I'm gonna do.

I'm going to eat and just in general, be healthy, for all of March.

Well except Fonda San Miguel night, BenAnna night and Jess night. Those are going to be my free passes because they are unique and it would be a damn shame to turn down the wine/queso/dessert on those nights. A girl has to be realistic.

I need your help to stay accountable and to not suck. Pester me every now and again about it please.

Oh and Ben, I'm gonna need some of your delicious guac on BenAnna night; it'll be nearly my only night to indulge in the best tasting green stuff on the planet.

1 comment:

Brittany said...

I got your back, friend. I'm in the same boat. :)