Feb 17, 2012

EuroTrip Hotels DONE

We booked our last hotel for Europe!

In Austria we'll be staying at the Mecure Wein Zentrum which is one in a chain. (Hopefully that will mean they run like a well-oiled machine and are plenty used to silly American tourists like us.) While we hope there are some perks to the chain hotel, for that reason we did opt out of breakfast. We'd rather try locally owned places throughout the city.

As for location, its very central, in the "Innere Stadt" section of town which I cannot pronounce but I understand to be "downtown." The reviews on Orbitz were all good with a traveler rating of 4 out of 5 stars. And it looks very slick and modern which feels fancy to me and who doesn't want to end their trip with a little bit of fanciness.

Also being modern, downtown and a chain, it's the exact opposite of our B&B in Innsbruck. Looks like we'll be enjoying both sides of the spectrum in Austria.

That's it on the hotel front! March and April, in between my travel and both of our jobs, will be dedicated to making our short list of must-see places and figuring out the how/what/when/where that goes along with them. Yay Europe!

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