Feb 4, 2012

High Five HEB

On Wednesday when the hubs and I were finally reunited after 4 nights apart due to GFD and NYC, he surprised me with beautiful red-tipped yellow roses. My favorites!

However I was very bummed when by Friday they were starting to wilt. He had gone to HEB, which despite being a grocery store, always comes through for us on the flowers front. This was definitely an anomaly. I remembered though that the wrapping on the flowers said 7 days guaranteed fresh and I was determined to get my full 7 days.

New flowers now gracing the table
This morning I took the receipt (luckily it was just sitting in the truck console) and a picture of my wilted flowers to HEB to request new flowers.

The good lady at HEB didn't even make me show her my picture. In no time flat, I was walking out with two (less expensive) bouquets of pink and purple flowers, guaranteed to be fresh for 14 days and a few dollars cash a la the difference in cost.

I didn't think about it in the moment, but I totally should have given the very nice lady at HEB a high five for that excellent customer service.

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