Feb 21, 2012

Walk Me Down the Aisle Baby

I like to think we provided him
with good wedding practice
Last night Carly and Kevin called me to talk wedding.

First, let me say I think I've met my match with this girl. She's a talker (we chatted for a full hour, love it!) and a planner (they've been engaged 2 weeks and she's knocked out tons already). Clearly she was meant to be in my family.

Now on to wedding. We chatted about a lot of things: who is making the centerpieces (her family), travel plans, day-of coordinator, puppy dog ring bearer, the importance of fake eyelashes (priorities people), the wedding party....which is where it gets exciting! Carly and Kevin asked me and Ross to both be in the wedding!

Same people, different aisle
We've walked down one (very important) aisle together and we're both really looking forward to doing it again. And I must say, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside that they want us as their family to be so involved in the wedding. It's going to be great!


Jessica Porter said...

That's so exciting! 

Cheryl said...

 Yup! Looking forward to it!