Feb 11, 2012

People actually read this thing

I don't know why it surprises me. Not to say I am that super interesting or anything but I see Google Analytics (and slightly inexplicably different Blogger analytics). I should know that people are reading this from that alone.

However I'm still always surprised when someone says "I read your blog" or as happened repeatedly at the company party when introducing Ross to people "Oh I read so much about you on Cheryl's blog!".

Same gang, different night
Last night when our buddy Aaron came down from Dallas (Hi Aaron!), we were sitting at the bar and he says "I read your blog." I was as surprised as ever. I never realized Ross' buddies read my blog! That's a whole new audience!

Out of love for the Aarons of the world, we tried to convince Ross to start blogging but that didn't get very far. Sorry boys, looks like you are stuck with me.

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