Jun 5, 2012

Boats & Alligators

That's right. Boats and alligators. In the same blog post. And in Orlando, in the same hotel.

On Sunday I flew to Orlando for a 2 day biz trip. The conference was at the swanky Gaylord Palms Resort (my first time at a Gaylord, an experience in and of itself). It was a huge complex of hotel rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, pools, shopping and more. And since there was nothing anywhere nearby, it's a good thing all of your whims could be met within its walls.

IMG_0628In the center was a large atrium that housed an indoor rainforest-Everglades thing. In which there were baby alligators (and turtles).

Because you know, that's normal for a hotel.

And then there was this side atrium area, Key West themed, that had a pool posing as an ocean/gulf and in that was a boat. Inside. A boat. And you could eat there. Which I did (food = mediocre).

Again, because you know, that's normal for a hotel.


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