Jun 17, 2012

Father's Day Fun

Mom and Dad came out to visit this weekend for Father's Day and boy oh boy did we do a lot.

Saturday we attempted to have lunch at Homeslice on South Congress but the wait was much too long. We ended up with a pretty decent second try though - Threadgills. Dad and Ross, both chicken fried steak lovers married to women who do not make chicken fried steak, were in heaven.

Then it was off to the Bob Bullock museum. Mom, Ross and I had all been but Dad had only ever been for a fundraiser. This time he got the real deal.

Back at the house, we added Nancy and Jack to our festivities and had happy hour accompanied with the stereotypical-family-vacation 21st-century slideshow (using the Flickr app through AT&T and displaying on our flat panel). Except I think we had a more interested than usual audience. Oh! And we gave them their European gifties. Swavorski jewelry for the moms, an old-fashioned ink and pen set for Jack and an Austrian music box for Dad.

IMG_0648Then it was the big moment, five years in the making: Dad's first outing to the Dell Diamond to see the Express play. It was sunny, hot, full of beer and junk food. Just like a baseball game should be. But even better, the sun went down about 30 minutes into the game so then it was warm, full of beer and junk food which is my preferred way to spend a baseball game. The Express scored first but did not end up on top.

This morning Ross headed to work and I took Mom and Dad on a new-home tour. First we had breakfast at Java Cafe in Round Rock (very nearby new house and served as a preview of the area). Dad loved his "Big Daddy Special" in honor of Father's Day. It included steak - what's not to love? Afterward I took them up to see our hopefully soon-to-be neighborhood. They really liked it. And when we got home, Dad went through the whole spec sheet with a fine-tooth comb and declared it an excellent buy. Our (hopefully) new house is Dad approved and certified!

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