Jun 2, 2012

Back on the Ranch

Now that travels are completed and we're back on the (suburban) ranch, things are pretty normal. I'm working, Ross is working, Lexi's being cute.

There is one exciting out-of-the-ordinary thing going on though.

On Memorial Day we called a home builder to start discussing our next house. I've been pining away after this one house for a while now and it was time to start getting serious. We called the builder and confirmed there is ONE LOT left in the neighborhood we want for the house we want. However, the house we want isn't anywhere in town as a model home and we're not about to build a house we've never seen an example of in person.

After examining the floor plan together online and taking the virtual tour, we decided we were serious enough about it to have the saleswoman schedule a walk through with a family already living in that floor plan. (Obviously we didn't want to disturb these people if we weren't serious but we are...so we'll inconvenience them for 10-15 minutes without feeling too bad...assuming they agree to it.)

Right now we're waiting on the builder to schedule that walk through but it will hopefully be in the coming week. And then if we like it, I guess we'll start getting into the nitty-gritty of financing it. Fingers crossed all around!

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