Jun 22, 2012

We're Building a House!

New neighborhood
The title kinda gives it all away huh?

Yesterday Ross and I signed a contract to build a new home up in Round Rock. It will be in a part of town we're very familiar with (friends live in the area) and know we really like. Just to give you an idea, last Christmas-time we ran into the local grocery store and their holiday promotion included live music and a free champagne tasting. Clearly this is my kinda community.

Not our house but gives you an idea of the style
(just be sure to lower your landscaping expectations)
The house itself is 2731 square feet, two stories, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. All the bedrooms, plus a game room are upstairs and the kitchen, breakfast area, living room and my study are downstairs.

We'll pick out our decor over the next two weeks and the build will start soon. Moving day will be the middle of October.

Yay new house!

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