Jun 10, 2012


Mmm brisket
This afternoon the fire department had its first family BBQ in quite a while. Technically organized by the union (and therefore paid for with union funds and not taxpayer dollars), it was at a park up in Georgetown. A couple of the guys who are competitive BBQ-ers set up shop early in the morning and got the meat going. Mmmm--mmmm it was good.

Ross liked seeing everybody outside of work where you can just yuck it up a little more and relax without worrying about getting called out to an emergency.

Hot Dog
I really liked meeting all the guys and their families. It was baby-palooza out there; I swear there were at least 10 kids younger than school age.

And of course, we brought our baby too. She was one-of-a-kind and attracted much attention (and BBQ scraps) from the firefighters, wives and two-legged-babies.

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