Sep 16, 2012

1st Pumpkin Bread

I know how to bake one thing and one thing only: Grandma Betsy's Pumpkin Bread.

With our new-found cool weather this week (ie below 95), it has been calling to me. So finally this morning, I woke up and started baking the First Pumpkin Bread of 2012.

First Pumpkin Bread
Did you really think I'd show all the ingredients and give away the secret? No way! This pumpkin bread is my
only guaranteed ticket into Thanksgiving dinner, the only thing Mom and I can make that others cannot.

Now it is hard to improve upon perfection but I dare say I've found one improvement to this recipe in the past year or so. Organic pumpkin. Used to be I just bought whatever pumpkin, more often than not Libby's. But last fall I bought some organic pumpkin because that was all they had in stock at the time and it turned out to be a grand change.

We're not purposeful or dedicated organic food eaters. But there are a few items that we've discovered taste significantly better when organic and ladies and gentlemen, canned pumpkin is one of them. Do your self a favor and spend the extra 50 cents on this one.

Also - I say an "improvement" on the recipe but perhaps when my Grandma Betsy and her mom were making pumpkin bread it was all organic. In which case, I'm just taking it back to its roots. This is probably more likely than the notion that I improved it.

Either way, it is some damn good bread.


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