Sep 9, 2012

The Weekend

As you may know, Ross has to put in vacation requests in September each year for entire next year, Oct 1-Sept 30. So a full year ago he requested today off in anticipation of our friend Jon's 30th birthday.

Well in the interim, Jon and his lovely wife, Erin, got to baby-making and are now just mere days away from becoming parents. This didn't stop the birthday festivities though (go ahead, say it, Erin is the best 9 month pregnant wife EVER), it just adjusted them.

Like I hear children do, the party required a village. Ryan and Cason hosted the party, Jon's parents provided much chow and I signed on to be the in-case-baby-comes-now designated driver. (Side story: during party planning Erin is chatting with Ryan and the conversation jumps between baby and party. At the end of the conversation Erin says "thanks again for having it" and Ryan responds, frightened as hell, with "what? The baby!?" Dear God. Erin just told him "Yes Ryan, the baby. Cason and Ross are going to use their EMT skills to deliver her in the spare bedroom during the party." Oh Ryan.) I'm happy to say my role was not needed and little baby is still safely in her mama's belly.

So our Saturday started with awesomely beautiful fall-like weather, a puppy walk and gardening (I'd been procrastinating dealing with my 75% dead cactus out front [how I kill cactuses I know not] but since the weather was so nice decided to tackle it. Turns out it was so dead I literally pulled the 3 foot tall cactus out of the ground by one hand. Weeks of procrastination for 7 minutes of work), and then ended with a backyard BBQ shindig. Which made today a day of yoga, Texans football (victory!) and lots more football/couch napping.

Also my claim to "not be showing" apparently is somewhat debatable. I thought it was just normal Cheryl belly fat but my sister-in-law Meg swears up and down that I am normally skinnier and that this is a baby bump starting to show.

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