Sep 20, 2012

Apple of my eye

15 weeks pregnant and I've now got an apple-sized baby.

A lemon to an apple is quite the jump in size. I'm assuming it is a medium sized apple, as opposed to one of those crazy big apples. So perhaps if we were looking at non-food options for our weekly comparisons we might say a baseball. Maybe?

Either way, 15 weeks along and apple sized. This also means 4 inches head to cute little baby bottom and about 2.5 ounces. Other notable developments are a little bit of light sensitivity (though I don't think I'll be shining any flashlights on my belly any time soon) and the very beginning of lung development. I'm a big fan of lungs and breathing so I think that is pretty exciting.

Finally I think I am legitimately starting to round. I'll work on getting a belly picture before my DC trip next week. Because what fun is a pregnant lady without a round belly to show for it?

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