Sep 11, 2012

Hello Mood Swings

Hello Mood Swings, so nice to meet you.

In an attempt at honesty, let me tell you about this recent pregnancy development. Mood swings. Dear God, hold on tight. They are intense!

I guess this is what I get for recently saying "I don't really feel pregnant. I'd almost like some proof that my body is actually undertaking one of the biggest feats possible. I should feel different somehow." Careful what you wish for right? Trust me, Body, I believe that you are growing a baby now.

Up, down, up, down, up, down. So much so that Ross very sweetly told me the other night we'd only be having this one baby. And I can't say I blame him. I'm worn out! I can only imagine how he feels (helpless, under attack and scared are all words that come to mind).

If you have a little one, odds are this sounds familiar...or you've just been very sweetly telling me it is entirely normal, in which case I really appreciate your little white lie. If you are little one free thus far, I'm telling you. Get ready. While I can't say I was never moody before, I can confidently tell you this is like no other.

Hey DC gang - looking forward to some QT later this month? I mean with a description like that, how can you not be eager to hang out with pregnant-off-her-rocker me?? Words of advice: yoga, chocolate and ice cream all prove helpful when the crazy strikes. Please have them on hand to talk me off the ledge.

PS I was almost uncomfortably full when I started writing this 10 minutes ago and now I am starving. Where is that ice cream??


Anna aka Bananza said...

Well our house is ALWAYS stocked with ice cream and chocolate, and you can access yoga with Verizon Fios, so we're golden.

Also: if I eat this much ice cream now, I should buy ice cream stock before getting preggo .

Cheryl said...

That would be a seriously wise investment. Or hell buy it now. I mean after all I still have 6 months left of this. You could probably make a quick buck based on my cravings alone.