Jan 3, 2013

Cabbage Baby

75% baked! That's right we've done 30 out of 40 weeks and thus baby Cade is 75% baked.

He's about the size of a head of cabbage which roughly translates into 15.7 inches long and nearly 3 pounds of baby cuteness.

I'm sure there's all kinds of developmental goodness going on in my belly right now but BabyCenter.com is pretty light on details this week. So let's just go with he's growing.

Outside of the womb happenings, invites for two of my showers have gone out so it's looking likely that we'll have some clothes, furniture and other necessities. One of my fantastic coworkers has gifted me with some hand-me-downs so should Cade opt to make his appearance sooner rather than later, he'll now be able to sleep in a pack-n-play...one that conveniently matches Mom & Dad's bedroom decor. I think you'll agree it looks quite natural in its new home.

iphone_picNext up on the baby agenda is finding a pediatrician. I have a feeling when I go into my doc appointment tomorrow and I'm pretty sure its going to be like telling the teacher you haven't done your homework. As in I haven't done a lick of pediatrican research (though I did just email Emal asking her what questions a responsible parent would ask a pediatrician; that counts right?), have not pre-registered for labor and delivery and have not scheduled a maternity ward tour. Possibly I'll take a step toward one of those in the next 18 hours before my appointment. Think motivating thoughts my way please :)

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