Jan 10, 2013

Orange ya glad

Remember that knock knock joke where every time the other person says "who's there?" you say "Banana! knock knock" and then the last time you say "Orange!" and then "Orange ya glad I didn't say banana?"

Yeah that's what I thought of today when I discovered that at 31 weeks, baby Cade is the size of about four navel oranges. (As you can see babycenter.com is starting to have to get creative with their produce analogies.) In case you don't know how big four navel oranges are off the top of your head, that's about 3.3 pounds. While birthing a 3 pound baby sounds a little less daunting, we still have some cooking to do because 6-8 pounds is what I'm aspiring toward. Nine weeks should be plenty of time for that.

My four navel oranges worth of baby is incredibly active. It's not so much kicking as just constant shifting. I imagine him in there being like "sitting on my right side sounds good" and "no maybe laying on my left will be better" and "I could try upside down." Basically like his mom, he just can't find a position that is comfortable so changes it constantly. Like every five minutes constantly.

In outside the womb news, I've made great headway on some baby related to-dos lately. I did in fact schedule a tour of the maternity ward at the hospital (early Feb). I also sought out some pediatrician recommendations. Between both our circle of friends and my co-workers, six people I know use the same pediatric practice! I'm set to interview them as well as one other practice I found myself and then happened to get referred to from a coworker. I'm sure between the two, one will be a perfect fit for us.

Thanks for the furniture Gramma Nancy!
And finally, the nursery furniture has arrived! Ross had complained about the never ending stream of bookshelves he was building for our new house. I've got good news for him - no bookshelves for the nursery! (Not yet at least.) Just a dresser and a crib/changing table combo, which I'm sure is much easier to build than a boring old bookshelf. Yeah, right. Happy building honey!

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