Jan 24, 2013

Delta Shower in a Box!

Those awesome Deltas have done it again!

Today I received what can only be called a Delta Baby Shower in a Box. Well, two boxes and a shipping bag. If ever I was worried about my kid needing...anything, tonight proved me wrong. It was like Mary Poppins's purse or a clown car, containing more than you ever thought imaginable.

We've got crib bedding! We've got onsies! We've got pants! We've got cute ducky towels!

And holy guacamole, we've got aunties!

Big thanks to Jane, AJ, Val, Anna, Jeddy, Meg D and Christa for all the wonderful baby goodies!



PS If you needed anything baby related from Target, too bad. I'm pretty sure the Deltas bought out the whole inventory.

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