Jan 17, 2013


What the heck is that? Well, it's about 3.75 pounds, 16-17 inches and also known as both a Mexican yam or Baby Cade.

BabyCenter.com estimates I'm gaining about a pound per week now which has been pretty spot-on for the past month. And Cade, little fatty, is taking 1/2 of that for himself. He's growing like a weed. And as if growing wasn't requiring enough energy, he is a wiggly little thing. I have a feeling my baby boy is going to be buckets of energy when he arrives.

On the mommy front, pregnancy aches are here. Hardcore. The strangest one is like up in my ribs and I am just sore there all the time. I think what essentially amounts to the top part of my belly is trying to grow faster than my body is ready for. I'm getting all stretched out. I don't know what organ it would be that is causing the discomfort (something stretching, something being squished by something else stretching, who knows) but goodness. Also watching me try to get up from laying down is pretty comical followed at a close second by the sight of me putting on socks or shoes that don't simply slip on. It's really hard to reach one's feet over a big pregnant belly!

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