Jan 23, 2013

It's a (Baby) Jungle Out There

On Saturday the loveliest ladies in all of Houston hosted a baby shower for me and Baby Cade. Like my bridal shower a few years ago, this was hosted at Brenda and Bryanna's house and with Mom's help.

They did AWESOME! Bryanna set up a "photo-booth" with a backdrop and animal ears for all of us to wear. I love that now when some of my favorite people call, it's a picture of them in animal ears that shows up on my phone.

The snacks were tasty and pretty. Especially the mini-cupcakes Mom found with fondant bottles and onsies on them. Oh and the fluffy, cream-cheesey fruit dip Brenda and Bryanna made. YUM.

We of course played shower games - because really what is a shower without some games. Mom even found personalized game cards which I just loved!

My cousin Robin was uncannily good at these games, especially the pop-culture ones. I'm convinced she doesn't actually practice law but spends full days watching ET and reading TMZ. That's the only thing that explains it.


We also played the "guest how big mommy's belly is" game. Melissa came out on top for that one. Twenty years of BFF-ness and she can guess my fatness like a champ.


Finally there were of course awesome baby presents. We especially stocked up on clothes, notably including pants which I had been a little distressed about my kid not having up until that point. (I know it will be warm when he's born and Texas and he probably won't need pants that often but I feel that having the option to wear pants is important. And now he has that option.) We also received some very practical things like a UV shade for the car, Pedialyte, diapers, blankets and from Mom and Dad, our stroller.


We're very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family and I was so happy to see so many from the Houston side of the house (including Mandi and even Zach who served as her chauffeur and was a very happy surprise to see for a few minutes).


Thanks y'all for hostessing such a wonderful, jungle-fabulous baby shower for us!


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