Jan 31, 2013


34 weeks down! Baby Cade is now the size (well weight) of a cantaloupe (another in the list of produce I don't like but will make an exception for the baby version of). That means he's about 4.5-5 pounds and 18 inches long. He's putting on cute little baby fat that will help regulate his body temperature and, more importantly in my opinion, his lungs are continuing to develop. I dunno about you but babies with good strong breathing lungs are my favorite kind of babies.

On the mama front, more of the same. Putting on socks is increasingly comical and more mornings than not leaves me asking "why did I decide on an outfit that requires boots?" (and thus socks). Some days I have a surprising amount of energy by big pregnant lady in her third trimester standards. Those days rock. I really enjoy them.

In just a few minutes I'm leaving for an early morning interview with a pediatrician. The first of two I have scheduled over the next couple weeks. And this weekend we go on a tour of the maternity ward at the hospital and have wonderful friends hosting a Superbowl/Diaper Shower for us. It's definitely the final countdown and Baby Cade is high on our priority list!

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