May 27, 2014

Bachelor Party Boys

Saturday Ross organized a "mini" bachelor party for Ryan: driving range, dinner and bars. Ever the responsible group of guys (and their wives), it was decided they would not even have cars available to them to kill any temptation of driving or bad decision making.

After nap time, Cade and I carpooled Ross, Ryan and Jon down to the driving range/bar Top Golf. At first I was pretty amused that they were carpooling with a wife and toddler to the bachelor party but that was nothing compared to their conversation. They discussed babies the whole 20 minute drive. I mean every minute of it.

So we dropped them off and then headed to our playdate with Erin and Rowan. At about 8:30p Ross called to say he was done for the night but since I was still at Erin's, he would happily call a cab. We agreed to meet at home soon. At 9p he calls me back and says the cab thing didn't go so well and could I please pick him up. Sure, I was just leaving anyways and it really isn't that far out of the way. I told him he should convince Jon to come home with us as knowing he was safe and in bed would please his wife.

At 9:30p Cade and I picked up the boys. Then due to a forgotten credit card (but remembered within 100 yards of the bar) and a very slow drive-thru line (I swear they lost our order; I had to go inside and ask about it TWICE), it took another hour to get home. Cade stayed awake through the whole thing and Jon entertained him in the backseat of our car.

When we got home, I put Cade to bed and said I was going to have a drink. Jon joined me; Ross went upstairs. Mid-drink I say to Jon "10 bucks says Ross is taking a bubble bath." I swear to you not 2 minutes later Ross came downstairs in his towel. By 11:30p everyone was in bed, snoozing.

Cade woke up at 6:30a and was a fussy pants baby. But he'd stayed up late on his playdate (7:15p) and then been up for a random 90 car ride and then woke up 30 minutes early so I knew it was just him being tired still. Around 10a, Ross asked if I needed a break (yes, yes I did) so he took over baby-care and I went into the bedroom to continue my Downton Abbey binge. At 10:30 Ross quietly opens the door, gives me the "shhh" sign and whispers "you gotta come see this baby."

I walked into the gameroom and this is what I saw.


Fell asleep in the middle of his toys in his Las Vegas pajamas.

What can I say - the bachelor party stories and pictures of today are far different than a few years ago.

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