May 31, 2014

A Perfect Saturday

The canvas print of this arrived this week
and is now hanging in our gameroom!
It really has been a pretty perfect Saturday.

It started with a Starbucks date with my favorite baby. Then we took a walk to the duck pond and Ross and Lexi joined for the second half. Then playing and lunch with both of our fav, an avocado.

Then it was an afternoon out! The gym, Barnes & Noble and an hour massage! The massage was long overdue. Due to scheduling conflicts, it was my third attempt. So so so wonderful. And after discovering the knots in my shoulders, I am vowing never to go so long (5 months I think) between massages again. I've already made an appointment for another at the end of July. Fortunately there is a great place near us, Cielo Spa, and their hour massages are only $37 so it is very feasible to go every other month or so.

Ross made us pork loin for dinner, one of my favorites. Cade and I FaceTimed with my parents, played with blocks, cleaned the gameroom and then read a book before bed. He even stayed up late, all the way until 7:10p!

Tomorrow we have an exciting day of grocery shopping and then a play date. All in all, it may not just be a perfect Saturday, it may turn into a darn perfect weekend!

PS And I had three nights of good sleep this week. Last night not so much but that was expected since we had drinks with Margeaux and Ryan and I was up til midnight so no big deal. Will make up for it tonight after indulging in some Downton Abbey.

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