May 4, 2014

Rough Week in Babyland

Poor Cade-man. He's had a rough week.

On Monday, another baby bit him at school. Unfortunately this is just one of those things that happens. The school handled it well, Ross and I spoke with his teacher and the director and everyone survived. But that was Monday.

Wednesday he tripped and bit his own tongue. Ouch!

Thursday he tripped and busted his lip. Again I say... Ouch!

Fortunately he got some QT with his grandparents pre-sick
Last night he stayed with Nana and Grandpa Jack and threw up in his crib. He clearly wasn't feeling well and was more or less awake until about 4:30a (Nana too unfortunately).

We had to skip our much anticipated playdate this morning. Even though Cade was acting fairly normal, who knows what caused the sick. Better to skip a playdate than share those germs with the other toddlers. And since he laid down for a nap at 10:20 and has now been sleeping almost an hour, I'd say staying home to rest was a good call.

Poor baby. Hopefully this rough week is over and the coming one is extra good to make up for it.

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