May 7, 2014

Quickest IT Turnaround Ever

Around 11 I was working from a client's office between meetings when my laptop died. Just on the spot died. Plugged in and everything. Restart, die. Restart, die. Restart, die. I didn't even make it to the login screen.

Thirty minutes later, turn on, die.

Enter frantic texts/calls to Ross "my laptop is dead. I need a new one ASAP."

By 12:27p we were on the phone and I was explaining the Laptop Death of 2014. Then after telling him what I needed in a laptop ("I dunno; fast, not heavy") and my budget ("whatever it costs; I need it now") it was decided that he was the more qualified laptop purchaser.

And purchase he did. When I returned from my afternoon meetings at 3:15p, there was a new laptop waiting in my office, most of the set-up already complete. I have a brand spankin' new HP Envy, complete with touchscreen.

I've had some good IT guys in my previous gigs but this takes the cake. It only required a 10 minute phone call and 4 text messages and I had a new laptop within three hours. No requisition forms, expense reports or other paperwork required. This officially makes Ross the best IT guy I've ever had.

Now consider, on top of acting as Chief Technology Officer for Cheryl Black Consulting, he also wore hats as Home Facilities Director (bought a new ceiling fan), Chief Automotive Officer, Head Chef and Dad, he's had a damn productive day. Soon he'll have to return to his role as Firefighter/Life Saver, which is important and all but I really love and appreciate all the hats he wore for our family today. He's the best!

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