May 27, 2014

Oh Mr. Sandman...

Back in April-ish, I admitted to the blog-o-sphere (er, all 5 of you who read this), that I am one sleepy lady. I am bummed to tell you that now, at the end of May, it isn't much better.

Sure, I have had good nights of sleep since then, thank goodness. But it is still a recurring issue. I've met with my doctor twice and though I like her a lot and think she is really trying to help me, they haven't proven to be fruitful cure-all visits.

I'm moving on to less "medical" treatments (ie less drugs) and more...more...I dunno...other things treatments. Hypnosis anyone?

I'll admit, I am fearful of being told "it's called working motherhood, welcome to the club" or maybe worse "you need to unwind earlier, have you tried meditation." I think I would cry over the former; punch someone over the latter.

So if you angry-elephant-stampede punch type "I don't want to freakin meditate I want to freakin be awake during the day and asleep at night damn it" into Google and you find one other person has searched that...well, you know where to find her.

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