May 25, 2014

You're Welcome

UntitledFriday morning, post Starbucks and the park, Cade stepped up to be quite the little helper. I was vacuuming the unbelievable volume of dirt and crumbs on the downstairs floors and he was enthralled with the vacuum cleaner. At first he tried to eat the cord. However he quickly learned that that is not what you do with vacuum cleaners. Then though he helped me vacuum! He got right in there with me and pushed it as we cleaned up.

Then after his nap, he was downstairs with me while I unloaded the dishwasher. Usually when he sees an open dishwasher his Sixth Baby Sense (identifying ways to harm or kill himself) kicks in and he goes straight for the knives and only the knives. I outsmarted him this time by taking the silverware tray out first. With no knives available, he did the best and cutest thing ever: helped me unload it. He took out a Tupperware and handed it to me. Then a mixing bowl. Then a cup. Then plates (I've never put dishes away so quickly as when there was a toddler helping with the breakables). He was such a good little helper!

For this early training I say to his future roommates and wife: you're welcome.

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