Jun 9, 2014

Popsicles, Puzzles, PBS and PJs

When you are prego, people tell you that you will be up all the time when the new baby comes. Awake all the team. Feeding all the time. And so on. And you think "oh they are exaggerating."

But they are not.

When you start your small person in pre-school, they say he'll be sick all the time. That school is petri dish of small person germs. And you think surely it cant be that bad; they are exaggerating.

But they are not.

Alas, poor wee baby Cade is sick again. He has a fever that just won't stop unfortunately. He was sent home at lunch time (he didn't eat his cheese which set off alarm bells for his teacher, as it should; he's a cheese eating monster). He napped for almost 2.5 hours and then he had a small snack, took a lukewarm bath, changed into PJs and began our PBS Kids marathon. He took another cat nap around 4:30p, ate just a tiny bit for dinner and was back to bed by 6:30p.

Hopefully all the rest will mean he wakes up feeling much better tomorrow. He's going to stay home, even if he is a perfect 98.6 degrees just to be sure. If he's a bit better though he'll enjoy a morning playdate with Margeaux while we work. If not, he's stuck with me again.

At least tomorrow though there will be homemade Popsicles, a new puzzle to play with and probably some more PBS cartoons in our PJs. Because if I know anything about sick kids, it's that Popsicles, puzzles, PBS and PJs are the road to recovery.

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