Jun 23, 2014


We've been to Pennsylvania and back!

Like so many vacays, I'm home, happy and ready to crash. The post vacation vacation. But I'll try to quickly summarize a great weekend with the Deltas.

Pre-Delta reunion, Ross and I spent a night in Philly. We had a room on the Delaware River and with great access to the city. We took a meandering walk into Washington Square where we had a delicious and picture perfect fancy date night at Talulah's Garden, a local farm-to-table style restaurant. Later Ross said it didn't get more "Cheryl" than that with its outside garden dining in the middle of an east coast city, slightly fancy meal and boutiquey wine menu. After dinner we walked through Independence Hall, eye-spied the Liberty Bell and had a good night's sleep. Friday morning was more meandering and Starbucks for breakfast before heading out to see the Deltas.

UntitledEmal's family hosted us at their BEAUTIFUL lake house. Friday, our first night together, was our late night up. Saturday us early birds started with breakfast and then Ross took one of the girls kayaking (or she took him, who knows).

Then this wonderful thing happened: time slowed down. Yes, it was the longest day of the year but minutes just seemed to double in length. Normally when that happens it is because you are standing in line somewhere, or the water won't boil or whatever. Never does it happen when you are having fun. But it did and our lazy summer solstice day together seemed to last wonderfully long.

UntitledWe went boating, discussed the meaning of life, discussed much less meaningful things in life, caught up on each other's kids (human and four-legged), families, love lives, careers, and all kinds of things. A late dinner on the deck and then s'mores around the campfire. It sounds like an overly idealistic summer day but Delta's honor, it happened.

We all crashed a little bit earlier Saturday night and then Sunday enjoyed a big bacon and eggs breakfast together.

Ross and I hit the road after breakfast, headed back to Philly, flew to Austin, lost and recovered both a piece of carry-on luggage and our car (you'd never know we were seasoned travelers) and then returned home to our sleeping baby and very-happy-to-see-us pup. And like I was kinda secretly hoping, Cade woke up briefly before it was time for us to go to bed so we both had the chance to hug and kiss him; bonus points that his wake-up led to sleeping in this morning.

Hashtag courtesy of Anna...which is appropriate since she and Ben had the original hashtag wedding back in 2011.

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