Jun 29, 2014

Summer Vacation, Day 1

UntitledCade kicked off summer vacation with a busy busy Saturday. Nichole visited so he had 2 ladies and 2 puppies with him for most of the day. We started with a Starbucks adventure and then up to the Play for All Park. Always a winning weekend combination.

Then up the road and into the stroller for outlet mall shopping. Not a big wishlist but he needed new Crocs since he threw one out the car window on his vacation to the Turner B&B last weekend. (Yup, for real.)

After shopping, we returned home for a quick lunch and then naptime. Nichole babysat during nap so I could go to the gym. Um, best babysitting gig ever. Cade was asleep when I left, she took a bubble bath in our jetted tub, dozed on the couch and then he woke up 3 minutes after I walked in the door. She actually compared the lazy 2 hours to being at a resort. Dude. I never had a babysitting gig that was resort-like.

After nap, we took over Meg & Stacy's pool for a couple hours and were joined by Brittany and Kenneth. Then home for dinner and a playdate with Kenneth until bedtime. Not a bad start to summer vacation!

(The grown ups had a nice time together too what with Starbucks, shopping, the pool and then wine happy hour.)

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