Jun 29, 2014

Summer Vacation, Day 2

UntitledMore summer vacation! Yay!

Today wasn't quite as active as yesterday (who could maintain that pace) but still I'd say a good day in baby summer vacation. This morning we went on a walk to the neighborhood park where the slide was a huge hit.

Then it was snack time at home and to the grocery store. I got Cade one of the big obnoxious carts with a car-style baby seat in it. Not the easiest for me to maneuver but he was super jazzed about turning the steering wheel for the whole shopping trip so ok. Summer vacation after all.

Then playtime and lunch with his Dad and a big long 2+ hour nap. This is at least in part due to the many night wakings happening right now thanks to teething. But one tooth looks to have broken through so at least we're making progress there.

Snack time selfie, baby mouth full of grapes
After Cade's nap Ross was still napping so Cade and I went to have snack and play in the fountains in downtown Round Rock. Both because it is fun but also to keep the house quiet for Ross' nap. By the fountains there was a statue of a man and his dog (significance TBD). Cade just learned the word "puppy" so he was very happy to (continuously) greet the pretend puppy.

The home for a little movie time, Curious George of course, before dinner. Which leads me to my favorite picture of the day. Watching the movie perched on his pirate ship. Because how else would you watch a movie?

Now he's learning the physics behind catapults and drinking OJ (for the first time) with his Dad. And from what I hear, a bubble bath is about to start. I'd say Day 2 of Summer Vacation is a successful one!


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