Jun 27, 2014

Summer Vacation, Day 0

UntitledI toyed with the idea of calling it the "Cade-cation" but decided there are years are legit vacays ahead of us for that name.

Today was Cade's last day of school before summer vacation. Being in a pre-school (day care but pre-school makes me feel better), summer vacation is just one week. So for the next 9 days, Cade is stuck with us. Wah-hahaha!

We started it out right tonight with no shoes, no shirt and no problems.

I jest that Cade is stuck with us but our summer staycation plans are coming along quite nicely.
  • Day 1 - Park and Pool with Nichole and Brittany
  • Day 2 - Rest and Relaxation, maybe Curious George movie
  • Day 3 - Mom/Dad Split
  • Day 4 - Play date with Erin and Rowan (while we work)
  • Day 5 - Play date with Nana and Grandpa Jack
  • Day 6 - Mom/Dad Split, Craft Time Class
  • Day 7 - Bryanna's wedding with Grandma and Grandpa (my mom and dad)
  • Day 8 - Will and Laure's engagement party
  • Day 9 - Rest and Relaxation, maybe The Land Before Time movie
Days 2 and 9 are Sundays and you know, even God rested on Sunday so I figure Cade can too. And in between all those plans, we'll be letting Cade wear himself out with his new trick, scooting down the stairs. Watch and see my friends. 

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