Jun 30, 2014

Summer Vacation, Day 3

Cade may be on summer vacation, but today was a non-vacation day for the grown-ups. We managed though.

He spent the morning with his Dad enjoying all kinds of nearby fun. They took a walk with Lexi to the duck pond to feed the ducks (though rumor has it Cade wanted to eat the bread himself), then went a bit further to the park for play time. After the park it was bubbles in the backyard. Cade is really really into bubbles right now so I am confident that this was very popular. Then lunch including the introduction of orange Jell-o and a spinach and OJ smoothie. Go figure, the smoothie was more popular. And when I came home from working (at Starbucks) they were happily playing in the game room.

UntitledAfter a big 2 hour nap, Cade and I went on an adventure to Safari Champ, a big indoor playscape of tunnels and slides and all kinds of fun things. Erin and Rowan met us there so it was an excellent baby BFF playdate. Rowan took a bit longer to warm up but once she did she was off to the races. Being 6 months older, she had just the little bit more advanced gross motor skills the obstacle-course-like playscape required. Cade had a lot of fun (and wore himself out) but I think if we go back this winter he will be in toddler heaven.

While we played, Ross studied, mopped and started dinner; clearly Cade and I had the better bargain on the afternoon.

Post playdate our evening was pretty normal. A very messy dinner (refried beans are best eaten with your fingers, duh), bath (which unfortunately included pooping in the tub and then bath part 2) and some relaxation in the gameroom (fortunately with wine for mommy).

On tap for tomorrow: extended playdate with Rowan! Woohoo!

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