Jun 15, 2014

Father's Day Fun

Fathers Day gift haulLucky us, Ross has this whole weekend off! Especially nice since it is Father's Day weekend. In our typical fashion, we couldn't wait until the actual day to do gifts. Ross opened his presents over breakfast yesterday morning. The best gift was the baseball Cade decorated for him at school, complete with traces of his little hands.

Today Ross took the early morning off off. Cade and I went on a wonderful busy morning outing of Starbucks, the park (we played for a whole hour!) and then Walmart. We went to Walmart for a polo for him to wear to an upcoming wedding...but we left with the polo, 2 pairs of PJs, a snack, "The Land Before Time" DVD, baby sunglasses and a kiddie pool. Par for the Target or Walmart course.

When we got home, the three of us took the kiddie pool out into the backyard for some playtime. The hose was popular but the pool...well let's just say we'll have all summer for it to grow on us.

Good news though: Ross and Cade fit in it together perfectly.


Now my boys are upstairs watching cartoons and I am about to go to yoga class. After nap we're heading over to Nancy and Jack's for a Father's Day on-the-grill dinner. I for one am having a great, fun Father's Day weekend. I've got a hunch that the best dad in Round Rock is too :)

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