Nov 16, 2007

And just like that - the week was over!

What a week! Work has been just crazy. We're putting together our program booklet, Possibilities, 122 pages of super cool Girl Scout activities from February through August. I received the proofs from the printer on Wednesday and had to have the edits and ideally all the photos (approximately 100 of them) back to him by today.

I feel like I've been studying for a final or something.

Reading and rereading and talking about the same 122 pages all day, every day. I am so glad to have sent it in! Now a week's break until the next round of edits.

Needless to say when date night came up yesterday, I didn't want to take the energy to study a new menu or even think of a new place to go to. Ross pointed out though that new places is what we do. And I like doing new places so I wanted to keep that going.

Oh Ross was great! He drove and even picked the place, Macaroni Grill over in the Arboretum. It was the perfect choice, Italian food (ie comfort food), a place I had actually never been despite that they are all over the place and in a good location for the other things we needed to do last night. Anyways the review of it is this: very nicely sized portions, yummy bruschetta but terrible house wine. I didn't even get to have my wine in a wine glass! They poured my wine, the house chardonnay, into a juice glass. I kid you not, it looked like I was drinking apple juice. And then they left the JUG O' WINE on the table for me in case I wanted more. Not only did I look like a broke college kid drinking wine from whatever glass she could find, but I looked like a lush with a whole jug of it in front of me.

Lucky for Macaroni Grill, the company and conversation were wonderful - as they always are on date night.

Off to Brittany's rehearsal dinner! Wish Ross was here to be my date but he's off being a big shot in Dallas for a work conference-meeting thing. It's a tough life being in love with such a hot shot.

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