Nov 4, 2007

Cheryl & Ross: Professional Restaurant Try-ers

To say we are "pro restaurant critics" or "Austin's food know-alls" might be going a little over the top. But Professional Restaurant Try-ers is definitely accurate.

Last Friday Ross took me to Bess, a cute bistro downtown that is owned by actress and Austin local, Sandra Bullock. For a Friday at 8, the wait wasn't too bad (about 35 minutes) and since its located next door to Little Woodrow's, a small bar chain we both like, we were able to relax next door with some well priced beverages. Anyway, we both really enjoyed Bess. My inner romantic was satisfied by the outdoor dining with white Christmas lights in the trees. My cosmopolitan was yummy and Ross-the-former-bartender was wow-ed by their super cool bar appliances. Yes, appliances. The avocado dip appetizer was delicious. We each enjoyed our meals too, mine of chicken and asparagus, his of... pot pie (maybe? I don't totally remember).

Then on Wednesday Ross craved some cheap Chinese take out and who doesn't love Chinese take out. Well the take out story is a depressing one but suffice it to say we shall never again be patrons of Panda Express.

This Friday we went to Artz Rib House on South Lamar. Once inside you would have never known that you were actually still in the city. I definitely felt like I was in no-wheres-ville Texas with the red plaid table cloths, live music and uber-casual staff. With the exception of being out of chicken, it was a great little BBQ joint. Ross loved his ribs and my cheddar cheeseburger was as solid as it gets (though I must admit, Tookies in Seabrook still makes a better burger). The potato salad and lemonade were my fav food wise. I hold that the atmosphere is what you really go to Artz for. We gave it a 7.5 out of 10 for food and 8 on atmosphere.

Now I know what you're thinking - come on Cheryl! Only three reviews!? Some Professional Restaurant Try-er you are!! Well hold your horses folks. Friday is date night and we'll be going someplace else new. I'll report back our findings.

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