Nov 17, 2007

Rehearse: to practice, have a dry run, the rough draft

Yo y la bride
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And so they rehearsed. I did not go to the rehearsal as I have nothing to rehearse. Well that is a lie. But I stayed at home and practiced the following.

"Evening ma'am! Don't forget to sign their guest book." big grin
"Hi yall, the guest book is just to your right." big grin
"Oh aren't you the cutest thing in a tux under 4 feet. Make sure mommy signs the guest book from Kenny and Brittany." big grin

I think I have it down.

Brittany was great at the dinner. She gave a nice and somewhat serious speech thanking everyone, most especially her bridesmaids. Followed up by Ken who lightened the mood telling stories of his groomsmen and handing out booze.

It was after dinner that Brittany finally realized it - she was getting married tomorrow! I think she sat next to me for two hours saying "I am getting MARRIED tomorrow. WEIRD!"

No worries though, they'll go through with it. They are head over heels in love.

And she has a princess dress. Nothing would keep her outta that dress today.

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