Nov 18, 2007

Happily Ever After

Well folks, that's it. Brittany Magness is no longer; meet Brittany Chesnut, proud and happy wife of Ken Chesnut.

The wedding was just gorgeous. Not everything went exactly as planned - apparently the weather gods will do whatever they want despite your wishes. Thankfully there was a covered area that was gorgeous so nothing lost.

Ken's vows, which he wrote himself, were wonderful. He said he first fell in love with her smile, then her heart and then her family. Oh I melt again just thinking about it.

The best man's speech was outstanding. He first gave advice to Brittany: cook all Ken's favorite meals, let him do whatever he wants and encourage him to go out with his friends every night. All joking of course - "I know Ken loves you very much because he spent a ton of time writing this speech and your marital advice for me!" A nice little change to serious talking about how Ken had always been the best brother and he hoped he could one day be there for Ken the way Ken had been for him. Finally ended with advice for Ken, learn three little phrases "yes ma'am" "I'm sorry" and "OK buy it."

Brittany sure cut a rug on the dance floor! That bride was all over the place! I think she made back the wedding costs on the dollar dances.

Now they are off to Cancun to enjoy their first week as husband and wife.

In what seemed like an entirely new day, I went with a few folks from the bridal party to the bar at the hotel where they were staying. While waiting for my drink, I see across the bar Olga Campos (news anchor for ABC in Austin)! Olga has been very supportive of the Girl Scouts and so while I didn't really want to talk shop on a Saturday night when we were each out enjoying ourselves, I really needed to introduce myself. We email and talk on the phone regularly but had just never met in person. After confirming that it was her, and chatting with her husband, I met Olga who was incredibly nice. Networking moment of my year.

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