Nov 25, 2007

Nine'll do it

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For many many moons, there were 8 grandchildren on my dad's side of the family. My grandparents couldn't be happier to have 8 grandkids, 5 girls and 3 boys. Not a perfectly even split but since they had 4 sons, you gotta figure, more girls than boys in the grandkids evens it out some.

Few and far between were/are the times all us grandkids end up in the same room. Last time it happened was Thanksgiving 2004.

But we did it again this week - and now with 9 "kids." My oldest cousin, Robin, married Steve last Labor Day weekend and he's quickly been adopted as the long lost 9th grandchild. So yup, now its 9 kids, the baby being almost 16. We have long since banished the kids table tradition - I think that really went to the wayside when my oldest uncle, Jerry, was sent to the kids table a few years back. You just can't call a table with a 50-something year old man the kids table now can you?

On Thanksgiving, in her happiness to have all 9 of her grandbabies present, Grandma even stopped to say one day she'd have 16 grandbabies, once she marries all of us off. Whoa, Gram, slow down, hold your horses, lady, hold your horses.

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