Nov 11, 2007

one down, two to go (almost)

My dear friend Zach from high school dates an amazing gal, Mandi. Mandi's been around for so long now and is so great that often I forget she didn't go to high school with me. I lump her (in the best way) in with the group labeled "high school friends." Fortunately for her she also knows all our stories from high school and can therefore play it off like she did go to good ole CLHS.

Well Mandi is graduating on DECEMBER 15!! I called her today about attending the Chrismukkah party but she has to walk across that fancy stage and get her degree, which I suppose is a decent excuse for not being able to attend my little party.

Mandi graduating marks the first of my closest "high school friends" to graduate college. Zach will be shortly in May and I think Jerry will also be in May. Way to go Mandi on starting the trend. You make us so very proud!

And more importantly, once she is done with school she will have fewer excuses for not coming to see me. (Of course I have no excuses for not going to see her - and Zach I suppose - yet I have not made it to G-Island this fall. Shoot, must get on that.)

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