Nov 9, 2007

La Casa Chapala

This date night thing is great. I'm loving it. Ross even says he enjoys our date night ritual. LOVE IT.

Tonight we went to Casa Chapala which catered the Girl Scout Hey Chica event last weekend. It was such a good tacky Mexican place! They make the salsa at your table, which for the record is a way fun thing. And the margaritas are enormous and delicious. For a little hole in the wall in a strip mall, they do OK I'd say. Oh and they make their fajitas with mushrooms. I'm very much a fan of that and wish more places did it. For atmosphere and tacky Mexican decorations, I give them a 9, right on par with Don Picos in Clear Lake. Food, we say an 8-8.5 (the mushrooms pushed it to an 8.5 for me).


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